Cool Recycled Youth Room Elements

One of the local churches that I take my son to for a weekly activity has been redoing their basement / fellowship hall area and rooms with some neat recycled looks. They brought in a bunch of pallets, as well as some finished lumber to create a host of items. Here are a few of them I could find photos of.

This is a prayer wall made of pallet wood with some finished lumber backing it. They super glued clothes pins on there and they have a little basket nearby with note cards and pens for people to post prayer requests or joys.

Recycled Pallet into Prayer Board

Another fun recycled element is this simple book / items shelf. They used the curved end of the pallet (that part that pushes it up off the ground for a fork-lift to get underneath it) to create the shelf ends and then used the pallet pieces to frame the rest out. Pretty simple.

Recycled Pallet into Simple Shelf

This here isn’t a pallet, but it is a recycled coffee bean bag. Kids love their coffee, why not see if you have a bean company nearby that would give you old bags, or you can see what you can find to buy on google. Either way, a pillow is generally basic sowing (I remember making them in 6th grade) that some of your youth can make them, or team up with a church sowing group to learn how to make them.

Coffee Bag Pillow

If you want some other cool ideas, check out what a fellow youth minister is doing with recycled pallets at Redeeming Designs. You’ll be amazed. He will even take orders if you like.

More Than a Youth Room

Paul Turner, a veteran youth worker, gives us a walk through and philosophy behind their newly redone youth room. I am a big fan of his ‘jobs board’ idea.

Welcome to another episode of Real Time Training. In this special two part episode we do a walk through our new youth facility. This is not a “look how col we are” video, but a video to show God’s faithfulness and hopefully shares some ideas for your youth room or facility.

Retreat Memorabilia Displays

Retreat Memorabilia Display Idea | Youth Room Ideas

Ran across this display from a youth group retreat where they had glued the scrabble pieces into place and then framed it. Pretty cool idea to take some of the items and creations from a retreat and put them into an ongoing display. We have used this scrabble board idea for a prayer station in years past, which might have been what they did here. So making it a permanent piece of the youth room gives cool memory.

the Chalkboard Wall

the Chalkboard Paint Wall | Youth Room Ideas

It seems to becoming a youth room norm. It is the chalkboard paint wall. Pretty simply, use some of this chalkboard paint painting a wall or area of your youth room and voila you have an active signage spot for the teenagers. Paint a whole wall, or just a sign area. Put a frame around the chalkboard painted area for a cool effect.


the Youth Group T-Shirt Quilt

The T-Shirt Quilt : Youth Room Idea

If there are two things we can count on in life it is death, taxes and youth group t-shirts. We do not have any grand ideas on integrating death or taxes to your youth room. However, you can take those old t-shirts and make them into a neat quilt that holds some of the history of the youth ministry. Hanging them on a wall for decorations, or using for back drops is a good idea.

NOTE: I am not sure the relation all of these shirts have to the youth ministry, but this was found in a youth room.

add Visual Prayers / Creeds / Songs / Scriptures

A friend of my has a new start up launch last week that has a really neat concept. They are taking the audio renderings of famous sayings & statements and putting them into visual displays onto canvas. Check out Epic Frequency.

You might not have a use for Neil Armstrong or JFK. But if you had some audio recording of the Apostles Creed, the youth group benediction, the Lord Prayer, or a favorite song. How cool would it be to have some visual art that represented those foundational, theological, and ritual aspects to the ministry. They could become some really cool conversation pieces for the youth room as well. See this conversation

Non-Youth Member: “What is that?”
Youth Member: “That is our Apostles Creed.”
Non-Youth Member: “Our creed, our statement of belief in the nature of God and Jesus Christ as well as the base tenets of the faith spoken out. This is what it looks like in waveform so that we have a visual reminder of our statements of faith and belief.” (okay, they might not say all that)
Non-Youth Member: “Cool! So do you want to chug some Mountain Dew?”
Youth Member: “Absolutely!”

These things do not come cheap. Artwork rarely is cheap.. and good. So give it some thought.

Epic Frequency