add Visual Prayers / Creeds / Songs / Scriptures

A friend of my has a new start up launch last week that has a really neat concept. They are taking the audio renderings of famous sayings & statements and putting them into visual displays onto canvas. Check out Epic Frequency. You might not have a use for Neil Armstrong or JFK. But if you […]

The Ultimate Youth “Chair”

Not sure if you have been to a youth conference in the last few years and NOT seen these, but they really are awesome and owned by some really great folks. They are Xorbee’s the ultimate in beanbag styled chairs. Saying they are bean bags is such a disservice however. They are so much more […]

Pinteresting Youth Ministry Room Ideas

Pinterest as an image based bookmarking site makes it a pretty awesome way to find some youth room ideas. I found this one pin board which is dedicated to ‘youth room ideas‘ and it has some pretty neat ideas curated already. As well, you can check out if there are some new ideas people have […]

Cool Backdrop Ideas

I was backstage at NYWC in Atlanta this past fall and noticed something interesting about their stage design which I thought could be implemented in any youth room out there. They had, what I can best describe as, sheets of the replacement metal screens you put on screen doors. Crinkled them up, hung them, and […]

CoR : REZ Life : Youth Room 2006

  Visited Church of the Resurrection, the largest United Methodist Church in the United States back in 2006. Took some photos of their youth room space, which was their prior sanctuary space. It was huge and sees a few thousand kids for their worship services. Very industrial snack bar area with the corrugated steel and […]