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How to Bring Change

Making Change & Raising the funds needed for re-vamping your Youth Ministry Room can be a tricky affair.

There is always someone on a decision making entity that feel that youth will trash the church as well as the youth room. Thus it is important to show a huge amount of maturity and care for bringing a new look to an ‘old wine skin.’

Many times churches, especially in these tougher economic times, will want to keep the church funds to the maintenance and larger building projects of the church. It is thus more imperative to get creative in finding ways to raise the funds needed. Here’s some quick guidelines & ideas for generating the money to redesign your youth ministry room.

  1. Get Permissions: I’m a fan of saying “asking for forgiveness is easier than getting permission” but when it comes to changing walls forgiveness can result in the loss of a job (thus negating the need to go further in the redesign process). Let folks know the youth ministries intentions and get their approvals. Sometimes it is easiest to start an “exploratory team” to “generate future ideas.”
  2. Get a Plan: Spend time in discernment, visit other churches with your youth, pray within your space for God’s guidance about why & what the youth ministry room is for in the ministry. Put together those feelings and ideas into a design that can be communicated. Make posters, get samples, get PRICES and put it into paper. Through this process you should be able to help the youth & adults speak to ‘why’ the redesign change is needed.
  3. Break Down a Budget: You must know what things are going to cost. If you want couches, chairs, lighting, new paint, televisions, etc. then write down all that it is going to cost in an itemized list. This can go out to parents, classes, or to the church finance decision makers to make donations for items. When you want to do some ‘fundraiser’ it helps to say to people “We are going to do this to raise money for new chairs.” It helps others to compartmentalize some of your grand plans and contribute to small parts. The whole thing might be too big for them.
  4. Have a Phases Plan: Chances are you are not going to raise enough money right off the bat in the beginning. Put your key transformation items into the ‘phase 1′ project and then have up to four phases. This helps you, the youth and others in the process to guide what is most important to do first & last. ie. Painting and some new wall decor can make immediate changes to go along with projection. Seating and flooring can come next to compliment the wall redesigns.
  5. Set Fundraising in Motion: There are a myriad of ‘fundraiser’ ideas out there that you can do. We’re an advocate to do things that take little investment so that you can maximize the profits to place in funds for the redesign process. With that in mind we are fans of asking parents, leaders, those generous church givers, to donate to specific items (which is why phases & itemized lists will be huge). If you are cool with doing the ‘in memorial of…’ then offer that. Fundraising events will also depend on the overall cost of your project. Simple items such as: car wash, concert / coffee house, dinners or breakfasts, hire the youth, yard sales, auctions, etc. can fetch you funds from 200 – 4000 or more depending on the energy put into it.
  6. Build it! Show it Off! Depending on the set up of your church structure your youth ministry room might not be frequented very church members. Once you are done or close to done, have a big open house and invite all the church members to come by. It’s good public relations to welcome others into the space and they will many times speak to their family & friends about ‘how cool their youth ministry is’ just because they spent some time in the youth ministry room.


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