Epic Frequency

add Visual Prayers / Creeds / Songs / Scriptures

A friend of my has a new start up launch last week that has a really neat concept. They are taking the audio renderings of famous sayings & statements and putting them into visual displays onto canvas. Check out Epic Frequency. You might not have a use for Neil Armstrong or JFK. But if you […]

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The Social Network Board

My friend Chris who brought out the Facebook bulletin board changed it up now to reflect the full scope of social networks his teens are involved in. Not the most artistic in design (note the new Microsoft logo set up with the post it notes), but a cool idea to pull photos and tweets from […]

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The Engineered Couch

I am not sure how to find this one, but it is just too cool not to share. Maybe you can get some of the dads to take building a few of these as a weekend warrior project. Hey, you never know.

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Xorbee Chairs for Youth Rooms

The Ultimate Youth “Chair”

Not sure if you have been to a youth conference in the last few years and NOT seen these, but they really are awesome and owned by some really great folks. They are Xorbee’s the ultimate in beanbag styled chairs. Saying they are bean bags is such a disservice however. They are so much more […]

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Make it Like Home

Sometimes the best environment is a comfortable environment. You inevitably get a host of donated items from people and their homes. Usually this leads to a cluttered and messy situation. However, done with some intentionality recycling some of those home donated items can make a great space. Be sure to, Keep it Simple. The more […]

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Changeable Poster Display

Forgot I took a photo of this. Have seen these display set ups in a number of places. This is a set poster display board where the posters are removable as they rotate out of relevancy. Cool thing with this is that you have a visual display, the items are held together in a clean […]

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