Pinteresting Youth Ministry Room Ideas

Pinterest as an image based bookmarking site makes it a pretty awesome way to find some youth room ideas. I found this one pin board which is dedicated to ‘youth room ideas‘ and it has some pretty neat ideas curated already. As well, you can check out if there are some new ideas people have ‘pinned’ that bring up other youth room ideas.


A REAL Facebook Wall

It took me a second or three to pick up what was happening with this bulletin board set up and then I realized. They have done a physical creation of a youths Facebook wall.

It has the layout with pictures of friends, news, events and room for other items. So if you are like me and lack the spiritual gift of bulletin boards, here’s a great fun idea. And even better, since your youth understand the Facebook layout they can make it for you with little instructions.

Now, if only we could get Facebook to stop make changes every six months.


Something to Do With Those License Plates

You’ve gone on some mission trip and upon returning some sophomore boys present you a batch of license plates that were collected at the persons house that they were working at. So what should you do with them?

How about make cross on the ceiling?

My friend Chris’s youth room sports this really large metal license plate cross on the ceiling & it does get your attention.

Nothing special about set up. He’s just shimmed the plates in between the tiles and metal of the drop ceiling. If you want you can use tacks or pins to hold them up. That’s your decision.


Light Boxes for Youth Room

Light Boxes for a Youth RoomMy friend Todd put together a little tutorial about how they put together some economical light boxes for their stage area of one of their worship spaces. They look super cool.

I started thinking and thought about how we could make them and do it inexpensively. I wanted to share how I did it and what I used to make four of them.

I bought 16 – 8 foot 2″X2″ (they are really 1.5″X1.5″) boards, which were less than $30, then we bought 4 twin flat sheets from Walmart for $5 each.

We had corrugated paper with a silver finish that we lined the backside and top with to make the light inside more reflective. It isn’t necessary, but it did make it a little brighter.


Thanks Todd!

Let Your Walls be a Canvas

Youth Ministry Room Wall DesignBrandon Baker has a great post highlighting some cool art and design for the walls of their youth room. I love his concepts and creative placement of colors, art and messages the walls highlight.

Check Out His Posting for More Great Ideas.

Go with the Modern Youth Room Look

I cannot actually remember being in this youth room and I’m not sure how these pics got onto my hard drive. My best guess is that this is from MSide Youth, but don’t quote me on that. There are a few elements to this modern youth room look that are totally worth noting.

Traditional Band Stage. What this stage highlights is that 1. you do not need a lot of height for staging if you are an a limited space, ceiling height wise 2. clean is the way to go. So often we can get these spaces cluttered, clean space is good space.

This room has the modern ‘steel / chrome’ look going for it. What is cool here is that they have modern furniture that fits the room. The lamps, chairs, tables, maybe not the shag area rug.. The wall hangings with the youth ministry t-shirts is always a good idea. Designed seating areas is also a key. If you do not have spaces that are designed for a purpose then expect your young people to move things around to create whatever is natural.

Youth Ministry Room Ideas

You can also see that they’ve removed their drop ceiling tiles and painted the ceiling framework black, as well they probably did some sound spray/foam within the ceiling. At least that is what it looks like. If you do this just know that you will need to re-arrange your sprinklers to spray up due to fire codes. It is a manageable process, but will certainly cost.

Youth Ministry Room Ideas

This is rather eye catching as a food service bar that has a fountain soda machine. Those are not hard or terribly expensive, but they do have a lot of bits and pieces. If you sold sodas from this you can actually make some pretty good money as a fundraiser this way.

What is interesting is the fusion of the corrugated metal that you see in many places. It gives a good effect for the cost. That does seem to be a granite counter top they have used to match the metal. Cool idea, maybe a bit more expensive than most can spend, but as with any remodel project, figure out what is the thing you want to spend money on and make it pop.

I’m not sure what the red circles on the wall are, but my first impression was that they were frisbee’s with the ministries logo on them.. Upon further review I don’t believe that to be the case, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea. Something you might see on HGTV.

Youth Ministry Room Ideas