Cool Backdrop Ideas

I was backstage at NYWC in Atlanta this past fall and noticed something interesting about their stage design which I thought could be implemented in any youth room out there. They had, what I can best describe as, sheets of the replacement metal screens you put on screen doors. Crinkled them up, hung them, and […]

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Cool Youth Group Room Displays

Cool Display Idea

With just a few dollars you can put together a cool artistic display area for your youth group room. You can also make this part of a program idea. Again, this was another idea that Kevin Alton really liked. I can’t remember whether this was a lifehacker thing or a photojojo craft, but it worked […]

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Cool Pillars

Cool Illuminated Pillars

I dazzled Kevin with this idea for our Sacred Space area that we created for Youth 2011. We put these neat looking, yet, terribly simple, illuminated pillars throughout our room. Why these pillars? Well, one they are a great eye grabber. People see these tall structures and quickly go wow! Here’s how we went about […]

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Fancy Fish Photog

Found this fish tank to be a pretty neat idea. Well, not the fish tank itself, but more the wooden box built on top of the tank and the embedded digital photo frame. Having animals for a youth room is a bit of extra work (not always a bad thing) but also with some of […]

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Set the Children Free | Brentwood United Methodist Church Youth

Set the Children Free

Found this display board at Brentwood United Methodist Church Youth to be really impacting. It is two large black plywood boards put together with plaques in black which have a photo and a write up of teenagers and children who were sold into the sex slave trades. The plaques are on hinges and open up […]

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Solving a problem

Thoughts on Meeting Spaces for Youth Ministry

This article curated from eHow.com When the church creates a designated area for youth ministry, youth leaders have an opportunity to design a space that welcomes those who enter and draws them into the reason the youth group exists–faith. A youth ministry meeting space needs to invite teens to come in, relax and stay a […]

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